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Affair Recovery

Has Your Life Been Turned Upside Down By An Extra-Marital Affair?

An Affair Doesn’t Have to Mean The End of Your Relationship. Counselling Can Help.

If your partner has had an affair you may feel:

  • shocked and traumatized
  • mood swings from angry one minute, to confident the next, then humiliated the next
  • huge grief, a loss of sense of specialness and control of your life
  • confused; one minute you want to stay in the relationship and the next minute you want to leave
  • anxious, suspicious and perhaps even feel like you are going crazy  
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Affair Recovery
Couples and Marriage Counselling

Are You Fed Up With The Pain, Struggle or Feelings of Emptiness in Your Relationship?

Couples or marriage therapy can help you resolve the relationship problems that you can’t seem to resolve together.

In Your Relationship, Do You Worry that You Are:

  • Biting your tongue to avoid an argument
  • Fighting too much with your partner
  • Critical of your partner most of the time or feel constantly criticised by him or her
  • Guarded and distant from your partner
  • Always trying to please your partner and getting nothing in return
  • Losing the respect for your partner that you once had
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Should I Stay or Leave

Are you wondering, “Should I Stay or Leave this Relationship?”

Is your partner refusing to come with you to Couples Therapy?

Your own Personal Therapy, without your partner, may help you figure out whether or not to try to save your relationship or marriage and if so, how.

Do you:

  • Feel alone and frustrated and overwhelmed by sense of hopelessness?
  • Feel so unhappy about your relationship that you create more and more distance from your partner including more activities without them?
  • Spend lots of time and energy weighing the pluses and minuses of your relationship?
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Whether to Stay or Leave

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Allan Findlay is a marriage and couples counsellor, as well as a family and teen counsellor offering counselling services in the Toronto and Newmarket area including Aurora, Bradford, Holland Landing and King City, Ontario.